BJP Plans Programmes To Highlight Achievements Of Modi Govt



With its focus on Uttar Pradesh which goes to polls early next year, BJP will launch a series of programmes to highlight the achievement of its government that completes two years with Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressing a major public rally in Saharanpur tomorrow.
BJP national general secretary Anil Jain said that top cabinet ministers and party leaders will also hold various programmes to highlight the achievement of the government across the country from May 27 to June 15.
“With Prime Minister’s event, programmes to highlight the achievement of government which completes two years tomorrow will begin. Prime Minister will address a programme on May 26 at Saharanpur,” Mr Jain said.

Asked whether Saharanpur has been selected by the party as Uttar Pradesh is going to polls early next year, Jain said UP is a boll bound state and one cannot deny that the decision to hold PM’s programme there is because of that.
“Prime Minister’s programme had to be started from some place or the other. Party leadership decided on Saharanpur. It is well known that elections are there and its a poll bound state. Last year, PM’s programme was in Mathura,” he said.
“Then there was no election. But one cannot rule out the reason of elections for picking Saharanpur,” he said adding that PM will be in Shillong on May 27 while Party chief Amit Shah will interact with media on the same day.

The BJP leader said that from May 27, the programme will be launched all over the country covering almost all the states. “The programme will cover 198 cities while 33 teams have been formed in which Cabinet ministers, Minister of States and party leaders are there. These three member team will visit six states,” he said.
On May 27, Ministers and prominent party leaders will hold programmes all over the country. This include programmes of Rajnath Singh in Delhi, Sushma Swaraj and Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi in Jaipur, Arun Jaitley in Lucknow, Venkaiah Naidu in Bangalore and Manohar Parrikar in Chennai.